Many people have expressed interest in sponsoring artists within Nashville and the rest of the Country. There is a huge need for support, and the reason is simple. Many Nashville musicians work double and triple shifts just to make enough to eat and pay rent. Most work second jobs outside of the music industry to make ends meet. They do not have enough money to properly develop their career (i.e. vocal lessons, guitar lessons, recording demos and cd's). A more developed talent mean more opportunity which means more money. A catch 22, without the proper support, musicians fail and move on to more stable careers.

It is my goal for Six Month Guitar to foster education within the Nashville community and beyond. I've been fortunate enough to meet people on the road who care enough about music to understand that a song is worth more than $0.99... and it certainly takes more than that to keep these creative people in the industry.

I can't imagine what the world would be like if a John Lennon, a Bob Dylan, a Johnny Cash, or a Bob Marley would have quit playing music. One would quit, and the world would suffer.

I'm thankful for all the talent I meet every day.

I'm thankful for all the generous people I meet every day.

And, I hope with some luck these two groups will help each other prosper in mind, heart, and soul... Life is not about money. It is about the quality of life we bless ourselves and our communities with. 

Thank you everyone,

Jeb Hart